Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017


The 2nd Annual Conference of the Chinese Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CCUGH)

Advancing Health Sustainable Development Goals in China and Globally:

Working Together to Meet Challenges

October 14-15, Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where can I find the most update program?


Please refer to the conference website (, we provide the most updated program on the bottom of this page.


Q2. Will the conference provide stamped conference announcement?


Please download the conference announcement with the stamp of Duke Kunshan University, Chair institution of CCUGH here


Q3. What kind of invoice will be provided?


We will only provide invoices as conference fee upon request. If you need invoices, please select the “I need invoice” option and provide the current invoice title when you register.
Note: By default, we will provide General VAT invoices. If you need Special VAT invoice, please email CCUGH secretariat (


Q4. Can I pay the registration fee with civil service card?


When you are at the conference registration page, you can try to pay with your civil service card first. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience.


Q5. How to book hotels?


Please select and book the proper hotel by yourself. We recommend two hotels for your consideration: Kunshan Times hotel and Swissotel Kunshan. During the conference, we will provide shuttle bus service between these two hotels and Duke Kunshan University.

You can find the hotel information on the “travel and logistics” page of the conference website ( . To order the recommended hotel, please download the hotel reservation form from the webpage above, fill it and send it to the hotel directly.

Note: the Kunshan Times hotel we recommended locates on  No. 105 Boshi Road, Kunshan. In order to research a room in this hotel, please download reservation form from the website above, filled it and send it back to the hotel. The conference will provide shuttle bus between this hotel and Duke Kunshan university.

When searching on some websites (Ctrip, Qunar…) you may find another Kunshan Times hotel locates on 5th floor, No. 18 Building, Shidaimingyuan Community, Qingyang North Road, Kunshan. It has the same name with the recommended hotel above, but we will not provide shuttle service with this hotel. Please make sure the hotel you reserved.




Q6. Should I provide the full-text of my paper for oral/poster presentation?


There is no need to submit a full manuscript to the conference on what you are presenting.


Q7. Can CCUGH secretariat help to design/print the poster?


Please design and print out the poster by yourself and remember to mount and remove your poster on time.


Q8. What should I do if I can’t open the registration website?


According to our test, the majority of browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox…) can all open the registration website. successfully. If it doesn’t work for you, please try to register some other period or try to use another computer. If you still cannot open the registration website, please contact us and provide us a screen shot of the problematic page.

经我们测试,使用IE、Chrome、火狐等主流浏览器均可打开注册网站:。 如有问题,请您在其他时间段或换用其他设备重新尝试。如果仍然无法打开网页并顺利注册,请您告知我们并提供网页无法打开的界面截图。

Q9. Will the accommodation and meals be provided during the conference?


The cost for travel and accommodation are at your own expenses. Please refer to conference website ( The conference will provide lunch on October 14 and 15, and welcome dinner on October 14 (need confirmation during registration).

会议期间住宿请您自理,在大会网站的travel and logistics页面上有提供酒店的联系方式(。大会将为参会者提供14日午餐,14日欢迎晚宴(需要在注册时确认)和15日午餐。

Q10. What kind of payment method can I use to pay the registration fee?


The payment methods we support include:
Union pay (Debit/Credit card), Online Banking, WeChat pay, Visa card/Master card/American Express credit card, Paypal, China/Overseas Bank Transfer.

银联银行卡与信用卡、网上银行、微信支付、Visa/Master card/American Express等信用卡、Paypal、国内与海外银行转账。

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